Building for Recovery: Opportunities in Infrastructure Supply Chains

Wednesday June 17, 1100-1200

Before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the UK was set for major investment into infrastructure projects: connecting the country to unleash growth outside of the traditional centres.

Now, as we begin to imagine a post COVID-19 world, infrastructure projects will play a vital role in the nation’s recovery – helping businesses of all sizes to rebuild and rejuvenating the economy. The future may now look different to before, but the need for first-rate infrastructure has become even greater.

This free webinar, presented in association with the UK Infrastructure Show 2020 and CompeteFor – the UK’s national supply chain portal – helps you understand where valuable opportunities exist, and how to become part of this multi-billion pound investment programme. It also gives powerful insight into how procurement works in this sector, enabling you to prepare effectively.

Rob Slater, Supply Chain Manager at HS2 will give the inside track on how large-scale infrastructure projects work – with insight on what buyers look for in their supply chains, how and when they engage with suppliers and the many requirements they have – not all of which are obvious. Examples will be shown of companies like yours that have played a significant role in their project so far.

A representative of CompeteFor will explain how this service can connect you to all major infrastructure projects across the UK; ensuring that you don’t miss potential opportunities.

Our hosts are joined by Eddie Regan from BiP’s Procurement Advice and Support Service. Eddie will give valuable insight into how to get started in this sector, the procurement rules that apply and how to successfully identify, bid for and win tenders.

There will also be an overview of UKIS2020 – showing how participating can increase visibility of your business to the major players in this sector.All essential information that will give you the edge over your competitors, and help build your share of business from this huge and diverse sector.

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