The UK is building for a brighter future with an ambitious programme of major infrastructure projects and programmes across the country. The UK Government’s Major Projects Portfolio currently comprises 244 projects totalling over £800 billion, emphasising the scale of programmes under way and the size of the marketplace for suppliers to tap into.

From new transport hubs and hospitals to renewable energy projects and housing, work is now under way to deliver the better public services that citizens demand, creating a vibrant environment for new approaches and innovations to prosper, and the UK Infrastructure Show (UKIS) is the ideal place for buyers and suppliers to come together to develop those new approaches and identify new opportunities.

Every project and programme – whether national or local – represents a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes to participate in, and UKIS is the only event that harnesses all of this opportunity in one place on one day – enabling you to explore and engage with a multibillion-pound marketplace and find your place within it.